Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silhouette Photography Technique

Silhouette Photography Technique: "The reason silhouettes are so engaging is because they are so open to interpretation. Think of a silhouette of a man sitting alone on a park bench at sunset. Is he sad and lonely because his wife has passed? Is he relaxed and content?"

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Chris Sanders – Photographer Spotlight

Chris Sanders – Photographer Spotlight: "I have been taking photos since I was twelve years old. I didn’t go to school for Photography, I majored in Film and Broadcasting. When I graduated, I did the usual ‘film set PA stuff’ and took photos on the side. I liked the intimacy of photography."

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How to Become a Victoria’s Secret Photographer – PictureCorrect

How to Become a Victoria’s Secret Photographer – PictureCorrect: "The Victoria’s Secret Holiday catalog features beautiful models dressed in scanty lingerie, but for Russell James, photographing these sexy models is the highest pressure job of his year. A behind the scenes look into Pier 59 Studios in New York City was created by the CNBC network show, Best Jobs Ever (for those of you reading this by email, you can see the video here). Russell does make it look easy; as the professional models pose and flirt with the photographer, he smiles and states,"

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