Friday, April 22, 2011

Olympus XZ-1 Review - PCWorld

Olympus XZ-1 Review - PCWorld: "When you compare the Olympus XZ-1's features with those of the vast majority of point-and-shoot cameras, it absolutely blows them out of the water. We're talking about things like an F1.8 lens, full manual controls and manual focus, RAW shooting, a click-control ring around its lens to adjust in-camera settings quickly, exposure- and white-balance bracketing modes, a built-in neutral density filter, a 10-megapixel CCD sensor that's bigger than most, a hot shoe for various accessories, and a 3-inch OLED screen. Great things, all of those."

Tips for Photographing a Collection – PictureCorrect

Tips for Photographing a Collection – PictureCorrect: "If you are making documentary photographs, the first thing to keep in mind is to do it straight- on from front, side, top, etc. Add as many other sides or views object’s size and value seem to justify. If it opens-up in some way, open it and shoot it again. Up to you, but digital photos on a CD are cheap enough that your patience should be a better guide then the cost of film and prints. Imagine yourself explaining to your insurer why it costs $$$$ and shoot accordingly."

Sunrise Portraits Part II – The Techniques

Sunrise Portraits Part II – The Techniques: "In the previous article Beginners Tips for Sunrise Portraits : Part I, we discussed a number of tips and tricks that will guarantee a fantastic Sunrise Portrait-Shoot. Experiment with those tips and tricks before taking on these techniques."

Organize Your Social Media Outreach

Organize Your Social Media Outreach: "Before venturing into the world of commercial photography I used to work as a public relations professional, specializing in social media consulting and strategies. There I helped a number of different corporations, non-profits and individuals craft social media strategies that fit their needs"