Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seeing The Light

Seeing The Light: "There are several factors that set apart good photos from mere snapshots, and good photos from great photos.  Things such as exposure, composition, and decisive moment all play a part in setting apart great photos. Equally important is light. Quality of light can make or break a photo.  Whether you take photos with a DSLR or take quick snaps with your cell phone, seeing the light will help improve your images."

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Portraits that Prop

Portraits that Prop: "As a photographer, how many times have you had your portrait taken. There is nothing more uncomfortable and awkward than sitting in front of a camera trying to evoke a natural smile or a true, heart felt expression. Let’s be honest, the experience of having your portrait taken can be down right terrifying, yet we aspire to have our subjects pose and emote in an organic and subtle way that transcends and captures the embodiment of our subjects personality. Simple right?"

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