Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Universal Exposure Strategy |

The Universal Exposure Strategy | "Menacing gray clouds filled the sky when I arrived before dawn on the crest of Black Face in the San Juan Mountains near Telluride, Colorado. I had wagered a good night's sleep on this sunrise, but my decision to get up at 2 a.m. and hike two and a half hours in the dark looked like a gamble I had lost. Minutes later, however, the clouds to the east began to tear apart, revealing ragged holes rim-lit with golden light from the rising sun. The scene was spectacular, but with both backlit clouds and deeply shadowed, forested valleys in the frame, the contrast was high. "

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Improve Your Photography By Learning to Edit

Improve Your Photography By Learning to Edit: "You might have read the title to this post and thought that I was going to talk about how editing your photographs can make you appear to be a better photographer, but no, I really do mean better – behind the camera."

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My Journey into Long Exposure Night Photography – PictureCorrect

My Journey into Long Exposure Night Photography – PictureCorrect: "Compact cameras, when compared to the high end SLR (which stands for Single-lens reflex for all of us novices) there is absolutely no comparison. It is like trying to compare a thoroughbred with a mongrel"

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