Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HDR Photo Tutorial – PictureCorrect

HDR Photo Tutorial – PictureCorrect: "Professional photographer Rob Hanson has taken the time to create a detailed video tutorial to teach viewers how to make HDR photographs. The five part video series exams the editing process from start to finish. Hanson takes a set of three identical photographs at different exposures and combines them to create one perfectly exposed image."

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15 Tips for Great Candlelight Photography

15 Tips for Great Candlelight Photography: "Happy Valentines Day! In celebration we thought we’d publish this post on the romantic topic of Candlelight Photography!"

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3 Minutes with Photographer Steven Bumgardner

3 Minutes with Photographer Steven Bumgardner: "Photography has always been a powerful medium to share images, but it has consistently been most powerful when used to share stories. As digital SLRs increasingly include video functionality new opportunities are emerging for photographers to enhance their storytelling with video and videographers to return to their roots with still photography."

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