Sunday, July 15, 2012

How To Take Headshots – PictureCorrect

How To Take Headshots – PictureCorrect: "At a recent Google+ photography conference (Follow us on Google+ Here), Peter Hurley provided more great tips on how to take headshots.  When his presentation, The Art of The Headshot, went live, the folks of Google+ made it one of the most viewed of the series and with good reason–it’s chock full of information on one of the most overlooked areas of headshot photography. "

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Understanding Exposure and Camera Settings – PictureCorrect

Understanding Exposure and Camera Settings – PictureCorrect: "When you start out in photography the first thing you need to know is how to set the exposure and f-stops on your camera. If you don’t learn this, then all your shot will be the same. Exposure and f-stops on your camera is the key to great photographs. They can make or break a picture."

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How to get the “Money Shot” in Pet Photography

How to get the “Money Shot” in Pet Photography: "If there is one shot in pet photography that just about every owner is guaranteed to fall in love with and buy, it is the head tilt.   There is nothing quite like those shots with the dog looking directly in the camera, head to the side, and their ears pricked.  Capturing them can be quite elusive, but I have a few tips and tricks that may make it a little bit easier."

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