Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photography Tip - Photographing Spider Webs

Photography Tip - Photographing Spider Webs: "Autumn in Maine brings amazing foliage, but it's also a time when the spiders seem exceptionally busy constructing their intricate webs, and I love photographing them! Early morning is the best time to shoot these webs for several reasons. Because the webs are so light they will move easily in even the slightest breeze and mornings are usually the calmest time of the day. Morning dew adds jeweled orbs to the webs, and low light really makes the webs stand out."

Olympus SZ-30MR – PictureCorrect

Olympus SZ-30MR
Olympus unveils the full-featured SZ-30MR, a super-zoom camera with a multi-recording function capable of simultaneously capturing 1080p HD video and 16-megapixel still images without missing a frame, perfect for documenting events like birthdays and school plays. The Olympus SZ-30MR helps you capture it all with its 24x optical wide-zoom lens, and displays your pictures and videos on its crisp 3.0-inch, high-resolution LCD. Whether you’re trying to capture the action on the local soccer field or that once-in-a-lifetime wildlife shot, this is the camera for you.

Light Trail Photography Tutorial – PictureCorrect

Light Trail Photography Tutorial
Taking photo’s of light trails may seem difficult, but it’s rather easier than expected, and is based on a lot of trial and error. Light trail photos are most common found with car headlights and tail lights, but you can also make light trails with stars (star trails) or any other light in motion.

Using Call Sheets to Enhance Your Production

Using Call Sheets to Enhance Your Production
If your photography focuses on people, or if you often find yourself working with several members in a crew, a call sheet might be something you want to make sure is a part of your production. Whether for a 5-member wildlife photography team, a commercial advertising shoot or a family portrait many photographers can help their production with this simple little document.

Read more: http://www.digital-photography-school.com/call-sheets#ixzz1GgQKbNmF