Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Overcome the Problem of ‘Inadequate’ Gear

How to Overcome the Problem of ‘Inadequate’ Gear: "Everyone, with a very few exceptions, has this problem. I never had the right gear. I constantly feel that I am missing the opportunity to create great photographs because I do not have the right gear. Frustrating!


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25 Inspirational Dog Portrait Photographs

25 Inspirational Dog Portrait Photographs: "Dogs Dogs Dogs. Earlier today a friend asked me for some ideas on how to photograph her Dog. I did point her to our How to Photograph Pets tutorial but also thought it might be useful to pull together a few Dog Photographs to give her a little extra inspiration. Here’s some of what I came across."

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Children Portrait Photography Techniques – PictureCorrect

Children Portrait Photography Techniques – PictureCorrect: "You try and try to get that perfect shot. If only they’d stay still, if only they’d smile… if only they’d look at the camera! So many useful things could have been done in this time, but ugh, you can’t go without pictures. Here are some helpful tips to get through these blunders."

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