Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Capturing Motion with Slow Shutter Speeds – PictureCorrect

Capturing Motion with Slow Shutter Speeds – PictureCorrect: "A digital SLR camera gives you the power to capture some amazing effects, once you know how to use it. You can develop all the skills of a professional once you understand your manual settings."

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How to Shoot a Composite Image

How to Shoot a Composite Image: "One of the joys of the digital era of photography we’re currently in is the ability to harness the power of digital tools to create images that aren’t physically possible and unlock the full potential of your imagination. Following some simple rules we can create composite images using similar lighting and location, a tripod and various images."

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Canon Powershot SX500 IS Review

Canon Powershot SX500 IS Review: "A year or so ago I was attracted by Canon’s SX30 IS, a 35X digicam. So much so that I bought one for family use. And it turned out to be ideal for the purpose, especially in shooting video at the long end! … although this was somewhat tempered by its less than Full HD 1280×720 pixel video capture. Still, it got some great movies over the hols!"

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