Friday, May 10, 2013

How to do Timelapse – PictureCorrect

How to do Timelapse – PictureCorrect: "All of us have seen timelapse photography sequences. Timelapses of sunsets, construction, the Aurora Borealis, etc. They’re beautiful, often very dramatic, and the best part is that they’re not very hard to do. Potentially, they can get very difficult depending on the changing light and you subject(s). But capturing a basic timelapse is actually very simple. Photographer Richard Harrington goes through all the basics you need to get started taking your own timelapse videos. Everything from the equipment you’ll need, to controlling the light, to making your videos look great in post:"

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The Difference Between Incident and Spot Meters – PictureCorrect

The Difference Between Incident and Spot Meters – PictureCorrect: "
Hand-held light meters may seem like old technology compared to our modern-day DSLRs, but they are still widely used by many photographers and most cinematographers. Light meters give an accurate reading of the surrounding light so that you can properly exposure your scene. However, there are different types of light meters which can give you different readings depending on the situation. Each has their own purpose and you may not rely on a single type to determine the exposure for every scene:"

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