Monday, June 11, 2012

Using Manual Mode: Exposure Lesson #4

Using Manual Mode: Exposure Lesson #4: "This is the third in a series of four articles about exposure by Andrew S Gibson – author of Understanding Exposure: Perfect Exposure on your EOS camera. You can read the first lesson, which explored the reasons for using program, aperture priority and shutter priority modes, here, the second lesson, which explained why your camera’s meter gets exposure wrong, here, and the third lesson, which looked at your camera’s metering modes, here."

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Where Your Focus Goes, So Does Your Exposure

Where Your Focus Goes, So Does Your Exposure: "The subject line up there is a bit of a generalization, yet true for most cameras, be they DSLR or point and shoot. And not a lot of people realize this fact. Many of my students just assume the camera makes one determination about the lighting in the scene and that is that. If only it were that simple (and it is when you use Manual mode and don’t let the camera decide, but that’s another topic)."

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