Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tintypes – PictureCorrect

Tintypes – PictureCorrect: "The man behind Photobooth, a tintype portrait studio in San Francisco, has made a couple of interesting videos revealing the historic process he uses to create the 4 x 5 works of art. Photobooth co-founder, Michael Shindler, says that though the process dates back to 1800′s,"

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How to Photograph Whales – PictureCorrect

How to Photograph Whales – PictureCorrect: "As a wildlife photographer, I have taken a few images of some of Nature’s smallest creatures, like the incredible Hummingbirds, and her biggest, the Blue Whale – the largest animal living on our planet, ever. Cetaceans, the term used to describe porpoises, dolphins and whales, are mammals, just like ourselves. "

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Getting your Portrait Photography to the Next Level – Part I

Getting your Portrait Photography to the Next Level – Part I: "Know that moment when you meet a person, either in your country or while travelling, a person with an extremely interesting face, who you want to capture in an image? But then, a moment before you click the shutter, questions emerges:"

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