Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photography Cliches – PictureCorrect

Photography Cliches – PictureCorrect: "Photography has fashion trends, just like any other creative industry. Some enterprising soul will be playing around and come up with a new look that catches on and, before long, the world is awash in copycat photos. Some of these techniques will continue on long after the novelty has worn off and become almost a visual cliche."

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25 Dreamy Images Shot Wide Open

25 Dreamy Images Shot Wide Open: "Lately I’ve found myself shooting ‘wide open’ a lot. It all started with my purchase of a Leica M9P which I bundled with a couple of f1.4 lenses. Like many Leica shooters I tend to gravitate to shooting at wide open apertures which are both challenging to shoot at (as the depth of field is so shallow than being just a little off can ruin a shot) and which can result in some really dreamy shots."

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Four Tips for Better Wildlife Photography

Four Tips for Better Wildlife Photography: "Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging yet rewarding forms of nature photography. The best wildlife images create a powerful emotional connection between the viewer and the animal, but success requires planning, timing, and technique. Here are a few tips for getting started:"

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