Monday, February 21, 2011

Digital Photography Techniques

Digital Photography Techniques: "CAMERA EQUIPMENT & USAGE

* Using Wide Angle Lenses
* Using Telephoto Lenses
* Using Camera Shutter Speed Creatively (NEW)
* Reducing Camera Shake with Hand-Held Photos
* Digital Exposure Techniques: Expose to the Right, Clipping & Noise
* Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning: Tools & Techniques (NEW)"

How To Choose A Photography Class Or Workshop

How To Choose A Photography Class Or Workshop:
"While DPS is a great place to learn about photography at your own pace, many want an in-person instructor to bounce around questions and concepts. Someone to lead a path through the basics and advanced topics of photography. For those looking for a local photography class or workshop, here are some questions and topics to think about before making a commitment."

8 Important Things to know about Lightroom Collections

8 Important Things to know about Lightroom Collections:
"There are two types of collections in Lightroom, Smart Collections which are populated according to a filter which you define to identify images that you want included in that collection. For example, a Smart Collection might be defined as 5 star images which have a keywords that include the word Rome."