Friday, January 6, 2012

Nikon D4 to blow our minds?

Nikon D4 to blow our minds?: "Jared Polin from has just handed me this press release from Nikon on their new D4! Which he says is pure awesome.

Sniff test it? Yes he did… Watch the video below for Jared’s reaction to the newly announced Nikon D4"

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Japan Time-lapse Photography – PictureCorrect

Japan Time-lapse Photography – PictureCorrect: "
Photographer Brad Kremmer set out to capture Japan using his Canon 5D MKII. Kremer edited together the results of his labors to create a moving portrait of Japan in his time lapse film, Hayuku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan. The film is an eight minute long journey through many parts of Japan, including popular locations such as Tokyo, Nagano, and Matsuyama. Take a moment and enjoy:"

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