Saturday, May 5, 2012

Portrait Tip: Don’t Fill the Frame

Portrait Tip: Don’t Fill the Frame: "I still remember my high school photography teacher instructing our class with this rule. He drummed it into us week after week and his words have echoed in my ears ever since – 20-something years – almost every time I raise my camera to take a portrait."

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Stand in the gap. | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence

Stand in the gap. | Ray Comfort's Daily Evidence: "We must stand in the gap and plead for this world. Had it not been for the prayers of the godly, the wrath of God may have already judged many nations. Never underestimate the power, influence, and authority God has given you through faith in Jesus. Through His name you have the ear of the Father in heaven. See Psa. 106:23."

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Parrot Photography – PictureCorrect

Parrot Photography – PictureCorrect: "

Never work with children or animals, or so goes the old actors adage. No such fears for Zoo Studios though, who spend their days photographing animals of all shapes and sizes. In this video we see them at work with a number of cockatoos from Cockatoo Chaos in Australia (for those of you reading this by email you can see the video here):


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Spring Season Photography – PictureCorrect

Spring Season Photography – PictureCorrect: "

"Flower Island" captured by David Konieczko (Click Image to See More From David Konieczko)
The moment that snowdrops start appearing through the final snowfalls of the year mother nature seems to go into overdrive and it is almost as if not a week goes by without something new, different and exciting appearing in gardens and parks."

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