Thursday, October 11, 2012

Digital camera buying guide | TechHive

Digital camera buying guide | TechHive: "Once upon a time, cameras competed with other cameras. Now, with the rise of smartphones as everyday photography devices, cameras have had to evolve quickly to compete with those mobile devices."

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How a Humble 85mm Lens Became my Favourite

How a Humble 85mm Lens Became my Favourite: "I first became aware of the pictorial power of short telephoto lenses when a friend of mine at college bought one. He had a gig shooting tests for a model agency in Manchester and he created some amazing images with an 85mm lens."

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12 Ways To Capture The Colors Of Fall

12 Ways To Capture The Colors Of Fall: "Fall is in nearing full force in the Northern Hemisphere. That means a beautiful display of reds, oranges and yellows is now sweeping across the globe and it’s time to grab your camera to capture the beauty!

Below are some suggestions for how to capture the magnificent colors that are popping out. While a shot of a tree has its place, think of these other ways you can show the autumnal spectacular in photos."

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