Friday, November 18, 2011

Tips to Stay Photographically Focused when Visiting a Large City

Tips to Stay Photographically Focused when Visiting a Large City: "Have you ever found yourself in a large city with the overwhelming feeling that you don’t know what to start shooting? This is especially true if you only have two or three days on location. It has happened to me, many times. You try to see and capture it all and you end up with mediocre shots of random things, most of them a bit cliché and without much interest."

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Top 10 Portrait Photography Tips – PictureCorrect

Top 10 Portrait Photography Tips – PictureCorrect: "Portrait photography is the one in which the face and the expression of the subject is predominant. The aim is to exhibit the personality and the mood of the subject. Here are the top 10 tips in creating unique images"

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Ricoh's new CX6 compact superzoom

Ricoh's new CX6 compact superzoom: "Ricoh has revealed a much-improved new member of its CX Series compact superzooms. The CX6 has faster autofocus, has had new exposure control options added to the mode dial, includes a new brighter LCD screen and there's a first time outing for a dedicated movie record button. The new point-and-shoot also receives enhanced functionality for shooting movies, new telephoto assist technology, and additional creative shooting options."

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