Sunday, April 8, 2012

Creative Portrait Photography with Powder – PictureCorrect

Creative Portrait Photography with Powder – PictureCorrect: "Behind the scenes videos can be a great way to to get a feel for different types of photoshoots. They give us an insiders perspective on how things are done on set and can inspire us to get out and take some photographs ourselves. The behind the scenes video Dan Horne made documenting his photoshoot entitled, Powder, is no exception to the rule. In fact, Horne takes us even a little further behind the scenes and shows us the entire editing process too. Have a look a the video below to see how a creative portrait is made from start to finish:"

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Travel Photography Inspiration Project: France

Travel Photography Inspiration Project: France: "France is more than just wine, the Eiffel Tower and more wine. As viewed through the lens of DPS readers and travelers, France has many other sides I have never seen, and I am thankful for those who wish to share not only a bit of the country, but also some tips on how to take your own shots on a trip to France."

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A Simple Exercise to help You Learn to See Light

A Simple Exercise to help You Learn to See Light: "In this video photographer Joel Edelman shares how he first began to ‘see’ light with a simple Egg."

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