Friday, March 18, 2011

  Will Lowering Your Resolution Result In Less Noise? by Digital Photo Secrets

Will Lowering Your Resolution Result In Less Noise? by Digital Photo Secrets: "As manufacturers cram more and more megapixels onto the same size sensors, vibrations, heat, and other natural forces have a larger effect on the image. The result? Some high resolution image sensors actually take noisier pictures than their lower resolution counterparts."

  Macro Photography Without an Expensive Camera by Digital Photo Secrets

Macro Photography Without an Expensive Camera by Digital Photo Secrets: "You wonder how it is done. How is it possible to get something as tiny as an insect to appear larger than life? You have probably tried to get really close to small things and photograph them, but you have undoubtedly learned just how challenging it can be."

  Are High Speed Digital Camera Memory Cards Worth the Extra Money? by Digital Photo Secrets

Are High Speed Digital Camera Memory Cards Worth the Extra Money? by Digital Photo Secrets: "If you’ve been in the market for a new camera recently, you may have noticed all the different kinds of memory cards you can buy. Memory cards don’t just vary in terms of the amount of data they can store. They all have different data transfer speeds. Because it can be unsettling to purchase a new memory card after already having dropped at least $800 on a new camera setup, many people wonder if the extra data transfer speed is really all that important. How fast does your memory card need to be?"

  The Best Black and White Photographic Subjects by Digital Photo Secrets

The Best Black and White Photographic Subjects by Digital Photo Secrets: "When you’re beginning black and white photography, it’s often difficult to figure out what to photograph in the first place. You’ve seen some amazing black and white photos, but you don’t know why they’re so amazing. How can black and white enhance a subject? Are certain subjects more tailored to black and white photography than others?"

10 Techniques for Amazing Portraits

10 Techniques for Amazing Portraits: "As full-time photographers shooting 30+ weddings a year, we have to admit, sometimes it’s easy to fall into the same old formulas when it comes to portraits. Even with new poses, taking portraits can become very mundane if the same compositions and angles are used for every couple–we’ve definitely been through that creative rut where our pictures start looking very familiar. Throughout the years, we’ve challenged ourselves to stay on top of our game with a few useful techniques. Here are some of our best tips to help keep things fresh and unique for each couple."